Prayer of Faith Temple



Prayer of Faith Temple was started in 1967 by Bishop C B Roberts who was considered to be one of the best preachers in the Nation. He preached all over the United States Mexico Europe and even behind the iron curtain. He was friend with Kenny Foreman Jack Coe  AA Allen and AC Valdez he was one of the founding members of the full gospel fellowship.He also founded a number of Churches.

Bishop Roberts had left as Pastor of Cavalry Temple in Kansas City and had started a Revival meeting in an auditorium in downtown Fort Worth The Revival was going good after a few months it was still full every night. Rev Roberts went in to pay the rent and was told another preacher had rented the building out from under him so he searched and found an old theatre building the Fort Worth community playhouse theatre had moved out a few months before so Bishop Roberts rented it dirty and no seats in the main floor so Bishop bought some folding chairs and some people even brought chairs from home. The Revival rolled on for a few more months and bishop went in to pay the rent and the old doctor that owned the building said I don't think I want to rent my building to you any more why said bishop Roberts? Because you have them (the N word) going in there and they will tear my building up. Well how much do you want for your building the doctor started with 80000 which was a very large sum in those days Bishop Roberts negotiated down to 20,000 the only problem was he didn't have that much he said Ill get back with you.

That night at church at the end of service Bishop Robert told the people the story and said if God wants us to have a Church here he will give us the money and after service was over a little lady stopped him and asked if he was serious about what he said he said yes mam she wrote him out a check for 20,000 and said here preacher go buy your church. The earl days were in a revival seven days a week all year long. Even during Christmas after seven years Bishop Roberts started another church in Kansas City and rev W'A Bunn was our Pastor for two years the Ray Hull was the Pastor for five years then in 1981 Bishop Roberts Grandson Rev Steve Wagnon became our pastor at the age of twenty three.

Prayer of Faith Temple history